Only the tip of the iceberg – Update on loud vehicle enforcement in White Rock

White Rock

2020-07-28 11:53 PDT

On May 20, 2020 we sent out a media release stating that we were conducting enforcement focussing on loud vehicles in White Rock. We want to update you on this ongoing initiative.

In the last two months we have conducted over 45 vehicle inspections that resulted in 12 drivers receiving written inspection orders for improper mufflers or no muffler, defective exhaust violation tickets, or a violation ticket for creating unnecessary noise. 14 other drivers were issued orders for other vehicle defects.

The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations (MVAR) state that it is illegal to create any loud and unnecessary noise from the engine, exhaust, brakes or tire contact. This is enforced as witnessed by the officer and usually applies to those drivers that spin their tires or open up their accelerator to create a loud and unnecessary exhaust sound.

We have conducted road side inspections with a decibel meter and, while some vehicles are failing, there are many vehicles and motorcycles that meet the decibel limits in the MVAR. The decibel limit for a motorcycle is 91 decibels, many people have stated to us that this is loud. The decibel limit for light-duty vehicles is 83 decibels, which some vehicles with modified exhausts are in compliance with, even though they produce a reverberating rumbling sound that may be disturbing residents.

Some comments by drivers issued tickets and/or inspection orders:

- Driver of vehicle without muffler, I didn’t get around to putting it on
- Driver of vehicle with exhaust intended to create noise, it sounds good
- Driver observed spinning vehicle tires it’s Canada Day
- I won’t pass, it’s loud

This is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many more vehicles that need to pipe down, states Staff Sergeant Kale Pauls, The White Rock RCMP will be continuing their focus on loud vehicles and more violation tickets and inspection orders will be issued.


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