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BC RCMP Strategic Plan

  • This page provides an overview of the strategic priorities and focus areas for the BC RCMP for the next three years.

    The activities outlined will support us in achieving our objectives under each of the strategic priorities.

BC RCMP Strategic Plan 2021-2023

BC RCMP Strategic Plan 2021-2023

The purpose of this plan is to outline the strategic priorities, goals, and objectives the BC RCMP is committed to over the next three years. The plan will be revisited on a yearly basis to ensure it is responsive to the current pressures and opportunities that affect the BC RCMP and the communities we serve. We continue to work with our partners and stakeholders to identify and address pertinent issues that matter the most to our communities, to ensure we provide culturally responsive service delivery while increasing public trust.

The BC RCMP Policing Priorities are:

Enhanced public safety

One of the primary responsibilities of the BC RCMP is to enhance the safety and security of British Columbians. As the political, social, technological, and economic landscape in the province of BC continues to evolve and internal organizational pressures intensify, we recognize the need to adapt our operations to meet new challenges and proactively prepare for the future. This includes efforts to:


Safe and secure communities through collaborative, inclusive, and innovative service delivery

Outcome: Inclusive and effective service delivery that ensures the safety all British Columbians

Reconciliation with Indigenous Communities

Objective Strategic Actions
Advance reconciliation with Indigenous communities and persons through relationship-building, education, and partnerships while respecting the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Engage in proactive community initiatives to increase Indigenous recruitment, establish communication protocols, and coordinate responses to safety concerns  
  • Enhance and increase cultural awareness, competency, and humility of local Indigenous communities through training and participation in localized cross-cultural activities  
  • Partner with Indigenous womens’ organizations to raise awareness and prevent violence against women and girls  

Vulnerable, Marginalized, and Racialized Populations

Objective Strategic Actions
Leverage partnerships and collaborate with public, social, and/or non-profit sectors to provide effective service delivery to our communities, especially vulnerable, marginalized, and racialized populations.
  • Explore options and best practices for increasing support of vulnerable, marginalized, and racialized populations through partnerships and referrals to appropriate programs and services
  • Continue to advance initiatives to reduce crime and victimization of vulnerable, marginalized, and racialized populations through outreach and collaboration
  • Enhance and implement initiatives that prioritize public health and harm reduction in collaboration with community partners and organizations

Restorative Justice

Objective Strategic Actions
Promote further understanding and use of restorative justice processes as an alternative justice measure.
  • Support BC RCMP detachments through the provision of comprehensive information to increase their knowledge and awareness of restorative justice
  • Develop partnerships with local community and Indigenous organizations to increase the number of restorative justice referrals

Crime Prevention and Reduction

Objective Strategic Actions
Continue to engage in and provide crime prevention and reduction programs, initiatives, and services to effectively address community concerns and crime trends.
  • Continue to implement and assess the effectiveness of crime prevention and reduction initiatives, such as prolific and chronic offender strategies and crime mapping
  • Leverage analytical tools and processes to identify existing, new, and emerging crime trends and establish and/or enhance initiatives to provide an effective response

Road Safety

Objective Strategic Actions
Improve the safety of BC roadways through awareness, prevention, and enforcement initiatives.
  • Use awareness and enforcement initiatives to reduce fatal collisions related to distracted and impaired driving
  • Engage in awareness, prevention, and enforcement initiatives that respond to community road safety issues

Serious and Organized Crime

Objective Strategic Actions
Implement initiatives focused on preventing and reducing serious, violent, and organized crime to improve the safety of our communities.
  • Continue to advance initiatives targeted towards the disruption of gangs, serious/organized crime, and firearm activity
  • Prioritize activities that target and disrupt illicit drug importers, suppliers, and traffickers
  • Leverage the existing Provincial Tactical Enforcement Priority (PTEP) targets program to engage in proactive enforcement initiatives
  • Engage in activities that prevent, detect, and disrupt illicit financial activity, including money laundering, through collaboration and partnerships
  • Continue to engage communities to promote awareness and understanding of serious and organized crime

Emergency Management Planning and Response

Objective Strategic Actions
Advance strategies that promote effective and efficient emergency preparedness.
  • Leverage partnerships with external partners and organizations that can address a wide-range of current and potential public emergencies
  • Identify and implement practices that enhance the ability to effectively respond to future public safety emergencies

Accountability and governance

The BC RCMP is committed to building and maintaining trust and confidence among the public, our contract partners, and stakeholders through enhanced transparency and accountability in our business processes. We strive to:


Public trust and confidence through accountable and transparent decisions, actions, and financial stewardship

Outcome: Increased public, contract partner, and stakeholder trust and confidence in the BC RCMP

Public Trust through Accountable and Transparent Conduct

Objective Strategic Actions
Advance initiatives and publicize relevant data and communications that demonstrate accountability and transparency to increase public trust.
  • Continue to engage in use of force training, policies, and initiatives that prioritize crisis intervention and de-escalation
  • Revise and implement standards and training that emphasise fair and unbiased conduct
  • Engage in proactive and timely communication through social media platforms and technology to enhance engagement and promote transparency

Consultation and Collaboration with Stakeholders and Partners

Objective Strategic Actions
Engage in consistent and meaningful consultation and collaboration with stakeholders and partners to inform service delivery, business processes, and programs.
  • Implement programs and services that meet the needs of municipal, provincial, and Indigenous partners and stakeholders
  • Support partner and stakeholder efforts to modernize policing in the province of BC, including forthcoming reforms to the BC Police Act

Financial Stewardship and Sustainability

Objective Strategic Actions
Explore and implement business processes and practices that ensure fiscal responsibility and sustainability.
  • Engage in ongoing oversight of functional programs for effective service delivery, budget management, and reduction/elimination of deficits
  • Continue to monitor and respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on operational and administrative programs, processes, and services
  • Advance initiatives that promote sustainable practices including hybrid/electric vehicles and greening initiatives for real property projects

Technology and Business Transformation

Objective Strategic Actions
Implement processes and initiatives that are guided by technology and business transformation in alignment with the national Digital Policing Strategy.
  • Implement initiatives and tools that increase administrative efficiencies and enhance collaboration in the workplace
  • Pursue initiatives that support frontline and operational policing through modernized internal business processes and technology

Employee excellence and workplace culture

The BC RCMP is only as strong, effective, and healthy as the people it employs. We are committed to improving the inclusiveness of our organization through enhanced awareness and action on issues such as systemic racism, cultural competency and humility, discrimination, and all forms of harassment. In addition, we strive to:


Equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace that prioritizes employee wellness and development

Outcome: A healthy, engaged, skilled, and inclusive workplace that supports all employees

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Objective Strategic Actions
Enhance equity, diversity, and inclusivity in the BC RCMP.
  • Apply a Gender Based Analysis+ lens to the development of initiatives, planning processes, strategies, and resources
  • Develop initiatives to increase the representation of diverse employees at all levels of the BC RCMP
  • Increase cultural awareness, competency, and humility pertaining to racialized and Indigenous persons
  • Pursue initiatives that address systemic issues such as racism, discrimination, and all forms of harassment

Employee Wellness

Objective Strategic Actions
Develop and embed a culture of physical and mental wellbeing that supports our employees and empowers them to adapt as their situations and needs evolve.
  • Develop and implement initiatives and supports that support the physical and mental health, wellness, and resiliency of employees
  • Promote formal and informal recognition tools and initiatives to recognize employee contributions

Employee Collaboration and Engagement

Objective Strategic Actions
Improve employee collaboration, engagement, and internal communication mechanisms to support all employees.
  • Pursue processes and initiatives that seek to promote continuous improvement of the work environment
  • Leverage existing and new communication tools to facilitate information sharing at all levels of the organization

Training, Development, and Equipment

Objective Strategic Actions
Provide training, education, and equipment to enhance skills and support operations and personal development.
  • Continue to conduct training needs assessments on an organization-wide and individualized basis
  • Deliver operational training and education through a wide-range of accessible formats and platforms to support effective service delivery
  • Provide essential skills and professional development training and education through a wide-range of accessible formats and platforms
  • Support implementation of equipment and tools for the frontline to ensure effective policing and public safety
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